Following the introduction of the Corvair, Chevrolet needed a vehicle to fill in the gap between this new compact car and the the full sized lineup. The result was the 1962 Chevy II, a car very similar to the Ford Falcon. In the years that followed, the Chevy II / Nova would receive its own Super Sport package and eventually spawned into one of the meanest, most docile looking muscle cars ever to hit the streets. Correctly optioned, a Nova Super Sport was the ultimate "sleeper" and could lay waste to most any challenger foolish enough to toy with such a beast. This photo gallery is dedicated to these "Mighty Mites".


This awesome Yenko Deuce was spotted at Milwaukee's Miller Park during the Hot Rodding Magazine 2005 Power Tour. I was unfortunately not able to get in touch with the owner to verify the car's pedigree.


Here we have another car I spotted as part of the 2005 Hot Rodding Power Tour; this white L-79 Nova. White with red interior always looks good, especially when it adorns a car of such lineage!


The white 1966 Nova was spotted at the Mecum auctions in Belvidere, Illinois. It is followed by a beautiful Turquoise (66?) and another Yenko Deuce I spotted at the Power Tour.


These two blue Novas were both seen at the Spring 2004 Chevy Vette Fest in Chicago, Illinois.


This black with red interior convertible 1963 Nova SS is a real gem and was spotted in Beloit, WI in September of 2004.

black nova

These three early generation Novas were all spotted at local car shows in southern Wisconsin.


This incredible example of an original 1970 Nova was featured in the "Carlisle Originals" section of the all GM Nationals car show in June 2005. Tuxedo Black with a black bench seat interior, L-78 375 horsepower 396, M-21 close ratio 4 speed transmission and 3:55 twelve bolt positraction rear end are some of this car's highlights. But the biggest attention-getter is the fact that this car is a 22,000 mile original survivor!!


The orange 1970 Nova was also a featured vehicle in the Carlisle Originals section at the All GM Nationals. This one, however, is a bit more tame than the black car in the previous row. It's a six cylinder, three speed manual transmission on the steering column, near original survivor.

In the center, my buddy Mark's red "Tru SS" Nova.